“Balalyk” program trainings for trainers

Trainings are being conducted for trainers who will train 700 teachers of short-term (3-hour) kindergartens under the “Balalyk” program.The training began on October 2 in Bishkek, October 9 in Osh and will last in the regions until the end of November.10-day trainings will be conducted in real mode in a 5 days + 5 days format. Educators will first be invited to 5 days of training in October-November 2023, the second 5-day half of the training will be held in the spring of 2024.
The course format was designed with a 72-hour duration to fully certify participants.The Balalyk program focuses on the fact that early childhood development and preschool education are one of the most important priorities of the country’s educational policy. At this stage, the foundations are laid for the development of intelligence and social adaptation of the child, which will provide equal opportunities for quality education at school. Therefore, the educational process must be structured taking into account the gender socialization of children. Particular attention should be paid to creating a development environment (centers for development and knowledge, other innovations).
Features of the “BALALYK” program:
• The program is focused on the development of the child, on revealing his needs and natural capabilities
• Unity of training, development and educational tasks
• Thematic planning for the week has been introduced, taking into account integration across all educational areas
• The implementation of the educational process is structured taking into account the principles of integration of areas of child development.