Trainings for APIU beneficiaries

Within the framework of the APIU project, a “cooperation manual” (hereinafter referred to as
training and information material) for beneficiaries. Training data
materials developed to improve the skills of members and bodies
cooperative management. All topics covered were taken into account and
theory up to this stage in the project implementation. With an emphasis on
stability, the bias was on the practical applicability of the material
The purpose of this educational and information material, which was developed for trainings, is to increase the knowledge of members of cooperatives, as well as management bodies in the field of:
1) Cooperation and its principles
2) Types and functions
3) Economic aspects
4) The structure of the governing body
5) Legal aspects
6) Income and its distribution
7) Funds and their meaning for the cooperative
The task is to give the amount of knowledge about cooperation that they can learn and
apply in practice. Since the main beneficiaries of this
material are – farmers who do not have the practice of managing, and even more so
develop the organization. In connection with this, the minimum task of the material is to convey
members of the cooperative understanding what organization they are in, the mission of the organization
and internal culture. Necessary, the governing bodies of the cooperative
adhere to the principles at the core, which are:
– meeting the needs of its members;
– development of the organization itself (cooperative);
– striving for profit;
– achieving sustainability.

First of all, it is worth noting that previously the beneficiaries of the APIU project received
general information in large volumes. Taking into account the above, in the educational
information material reflects the main points necessary for
practical applications of the cooperative, as well as more advanced concepts.