Project #1

Currently, the State Agency for Water Resources (IWRA) is implementing, through the Project Implementation Division , the Agricultural Productivity and Nutrition Improvement Project (APNIP), funded by the Global Program on Agricultural and Food Security and administered by the World Bank (WB).

The project entered  on September 14, 2016 and will be completed in June 2022. The project aims to increase agricultural productivity and food security for farms of the target 30 WUAs and 30 neighboring WUAs, and rural households in selected AAs nationwide. This goal will be achieved through rehabilitation of the I&D infrastructure and improved provision of irrigation water supply services at the on-farm level; the provision of agricultural advisory services and training; and scaling up key nutrition interventions.

As regards the provision of agricultural advisory services and training for 30 WUAs, the Rural Municipal Development Center was selected based on a tender to provide agricultural advisory services to members of Water User Associations (WUAs) from selected ayil aimags (AA) in order to increase irrigated land productivity and expand access to markets. The Center for Development of Rural Municipalities contributes to increasing the productivity of irrigated lands and expanding access to markets in 15 target WUAs in Chui, Issyk-Kul, Naryn and Talas oblasts.

The following work has been done:

  • ♦ Review of project and strategic documents, legislation of sectoral plans, to support WUAs in the preparation of agricultural development plans;

  • ♦ Joint study meetings were held with international consultants on selected WUAs to inform about the objectives, conditions for participation in the project and other events;

  • ♦  team of experts from the MDCs visited the selected WUAs; an express needs and priority assessment was conducted with the participation of management and members of the selected WUAs;

  • ♦ team of experts visited the adjacent WUAs to inform about project activities;

  • ♦ team of experts assisted in the development of the Guidelines for the preparation of an agricultural development plan;

  • ♦ team of experts assisted 15 selected WUAs in developing agricultural development plans based on the Guidelines developed by an international consultant;

  • ♦ Modular programs and handouts in the state and official languages ​​have been developed;

  • ♦ Training, consultations on the development of CAP, micro-project, preparation of the Terms of Reference and management of contracts for the provision of consulting services;

  • ♦ improving agronomic practices;

  • ♦ measures to improve soil and water management and improved market access;

  • ♦  financial management for 15 selected WUAs;

  • ♦ Training and consultations were also held for 15 adjacent ayil aimags to improve agronomic practices;

  • ♦ measures to improve soil and water management; and improved market access;

  • ♦ Assistance was given to the signing of a Grant Agreement between the 15 selected WUAs and the PIU to receive grant support in the amount of up to $ 30,000;

  • ♦ team of consultants conducted demonstration events and an information campaign, including a field day program.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    According to the set goals and objectives of the project, all target and neighboring ayil aimags in the northern region of the Kyrgyz Republic are covered. By mid-2020, it is planned to receive agricultural equipment by all selected WUAs. As part of a grant agreement to improve agricultural production, selected WUAs will receive agricultural equipment for grant funds in the total amount of USD 30,000