Project Duration: 15 months (August 2018-November 2019)

Project objectives: The main objective of the project is to raise the living standards of the population of Kyrgyzstan. The goal of the project is to contribute to the effective and efficient implementation of the CDF / NPRS (Integrated Development Framework / National Poverty Reduction Strategy)

The main activities of the project:

– Strengthening the capacity of the CDF Secretariat;

– Establishment of the KOR resource center;

– Build capacity for monitoring and evaluation in the areas;

– Involvement of CAB with the development of policies at the macro level;

– Establishment of a framework conducive to the provision of training to stakeholders of the CDF;

– Chui oblast – development and support of 12 field schools for farmers (180 farmers) in vegetable growing (tomatoes / cucumbers), 10 trainers.

Talas oblast – development and support of 2 self-help groups established for growing, processing and marketing prunes (30 farmers)